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We take pride 

in our stewardship

Stewardship is the cornerstone of how we see our role as wealth managers, responsible for the resources and assets entrusted to our care. It involves ethical and conscientious handling with the intention of preserving, enhancing, and ensuring its sustainability for the benefit of the present and future generations. 

From business owners, to professionals, to retirees, affluent clients like yourself come to us for a range of needs such as investment asset allocation and insurance coverage to tax and estate planning to philanthropy. We take care of every single step from design to implementation, so that you can focus on making the important decisions while we consider the long-term implications of the actions and decisions on resources and responsibilities we have been entrusted with.

Our A.B.C.D approach 

Aligned interest

We are committed to growing your AUM (assets under management) over time despite changing market conditions.

Bespoke portfolio

You are unique. Custom-made asset allocation and risk mitigation are necessary.

Collaborative partners

Access to private banks, independent advisories, estate planners, trust lawyers, mortgage experts and discretionary investment fund managers

Dedicated client advisors

One-on-one relationship to thoroughly understand your needs, wants and goals. We are here for long term business.

Image by Alexei Maridashvili

Your journey made better

Your investment journey doesn't necessarily need to be the same in everyone's eyes.
Just as your goals are unique, so is your choice of investment.

This is often shaped by your personal experiences, beliefs and values, and how you envision wealth creation. Because of this, designing an investment experience is both an art and science, personalized and cannot be duplicated.

Traditionally, individuals are fitted into broad categories - whether conservative, moderate, or aggressive. However, this approach may be complemented by taking into consideration such as your feelings and psychological states that you experience, beliefs and attitudes about the nature of money, as well as your family values. Taking a thorough understanding helps us to determine your Investment Quotient (IQ) so as to design a more suitable journey for you.

Over our 20 years of experience, we have observed that most investors face difficulties in their investment journey especially during volatile times. The fear of losing amassed family wealth, undertaking overweighted risk, or the unknown future may influence them to make rash decisions. It is not easy to face challenging times alone, moreover, to overcome it. 

We truly believe these can be avoided and it is possible to curate a journey that suits the client's personality. If the journey isn't a good fit, the client may not enjoy the process despite the eventual returns.

That's why taking a different approach is important and figuring out your IQ with the personalized investment journey you want is key. By asking the right questions, the goal is to truly understand your unique situation and needs to guide the curation of investment solutions tailored to your long-term goals. Through this you enjoy a better investment experience that's just right for you.

"You can't take the same actions as everyone else and expect to outperform"

- Howard Marks

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